Only The Hardcore Need Apply: Book To Document Black Flag Tattoos

If ever there was a reason not to regret getting that impromptu sleeve tattoo dedicated to hardcore punk band Black Flag, now is the time. That tat just might make you famous.

As brought to our attention by The Daily Swarm -- four guys from Philadelphia are getting ready to travel the country in search of people with tattoos of the Black Flag logo.


Stewart Dean Ebersole, who played in Railhed and now works for the Department of Recreation, is the chief architect and writer of the book. Ebersole, 42, says the idea came about as a joke when he and a few friends realized that most of the Black Flag tattoos they saw, including their own, looked pretty lousy. Matthew Smith, formerly of the band Rain on the Parade, is handling layout and design, Todd Barmann is editor, and Jared Castaldi is taking the photos.

They're calling the project "Barred for Life," and they've started a MySpace page to organize their fellow inked fans to action. They've interviewed at least one member of Black Flag, albeit Dez Cadena, the band's third singer and second guitarist from 1981-1983, and they've contacted others to try to get them to participate.

They are, of course, looking for people with the tat -- if that's you, get in touch. They'll be shooting in the greater D.C. area next (including Maryland and Virginia) and heading to Canada this summer.

Only The Hardcore Need Apply: Book To Document Black Flag Tattoos