Stereolab Is Going On Sabbatical

[Photo by Steve Double]

Stereolab has been working together for almost two decades now, and between the death of keyboardist Mary Hansen in 2002 and the yearn to do some other projects, it seems to be the right moment for the band to take some time off and focus on other things. Yesterday the band's manager, Martin Pike announced on the band's website that they would be taking a hiatus from the group for a while in a note called, "Hiatus/Sabbatical/Pause/Intermission/Breather."

Stereolab started out on their musical-journey in 1990, in London, and were critically praised for their originality and post-rock feel. Though they never gained huge mainstream success, the band garnered a solid fan base, which helped fuel their 19-year career. All that aside, the band is taking a breather for a while, yet still plans on releasing new and previously unheard tracks on the Duophonic Super 45s imprint. The material they will be releasing was recorded during the band's last stint in the studio in 2008. 

"Duophonic are working on the release of Chemical Chords 2," said Pike in the hiatus announcement. "We also have plans for a new Switched On and remastering of the back catalog."

So Stereolab fans, don't fear the hiatus too much, with the new material being released, and the website still being updated, it might feel like they never left... at least we hope so.

Stereolab Is Going On Sabbatical