The Killers' Brandon Flowers Disses Kurt Cobain


If speaking ill of the dead is taboo, where do we land on speaking ill of dead legendary rock stars? Brandon Flowers is about to find out, as comments The Killers‘ lead singer made about the grunge movement and its revered leader, Kurt Cobain, were published today and are already making waves across the web.

Today’s NME Daily Gossip found this little gem in UK tabloid The Daily Star: “I don’t mean it in a bad way, but I think Kurt Cobain and grunge took the fun out of rock ’n roll,” Flowers said. “Everything’s changing, though, and it’s starting to become a lot more playful and brighter.”

To add insult to injury, Flowers’ comments come almost 15 years to the day after Cobain’s tragic suicide — he took his own life April 5, 1994. Flowers also took some time out from his busy schedule to slag off Americans in general: “Everywhere but America our new album Day & Age has grabbed people. Review wise, Sam’s Town got slapped around but did really well in America. We’re learning that they like the guitar Killers, whereas you guys in the UK and the rest of the world have got this more melodic pop-orientated album. Kings Of Leon filled that guitar spot nicely in America but they don’t have a song like ‘Human’.”

Funny, aren’t Kings Of Leon bigger in the UK too?

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  1. :) says:

    He has his own opinions
    and there far more constructive than some things you people have been putting leave the man alone jesus.

  2. Sarah.L says:

    Brandon has a big ego since when? He’s always seemed quite generous. I’m a big fan of Gerard Way’ but his ego is way over-board compared to Brandon Flowers.

  3. Sarah.L says:

    Btw…Whoever said that Brandon needs to kill himself, thats what ‘Spaceman’ is about. Brandon’s suicide attempt just wasn’t televised a.ka. on the news. As the lyrics read

  4. Sarah.L says:

    Whoever wrote this article is using it as an excuse to diss Brandon. Cos i don’t see The Killers being hated on elsewhere. At least they dare to take risks with THEIR music. So ha.

  5. Jacobprice says:

    Kurt Cobain is great. Brandon Flowers is great. The Killers are getting less popular? They HEADLINED coachella THIS year. They did a full US areana tour THIS year, selling out every areana they played! I don’t really agree with Flowers on this comment but I’m glad he has the balls to speak his mind unlinke some musicians….to KURT’s Lover -go pleasure yourself to that midiocore “Grunge music” which consists of about 4 chords (if they wanna get creative). Kurt Cobain IS a good songwriter but the fact that he killed himself because he hated being mainstream is total shit. He could have kept it in the garage….

  6. ActuallyFactually says:

    Anyone who thinks Kurt Cobain was the “leader” of the Grunge Movement needs to double check their facts, and should -never- accuse others of being ignorant of grunge music. He was a poster boy who wrote heroin babble. Sometimes his lyrics were insightful, sometimes they were a string of crap. Depression is not intelligence. Being “sensitive” to the world around you does not mean you understand it. The grunge movement’s only big achievement was that it killed hair metal. It’s influence on modern music, outside of emo, is minimal.

  7. KURT WHO? says:






  8. Kristle says:

    WOW I Can’t Believe He Said that, That Right There Makes Me Lose A Lot Of Respect, & I Really Liked The Killer’s. He Has no Room to Talk, Nirvana Brought A New meaning To Music And Compared To Them The Killers Are Nothing. I’m lost Of Any Other Words

  9. Kingsofsuck says:

    Brandon Flowers is doing what he does. The Killers is most definitely one of the most under-appreciated bands in the world. They have many reasons to be legends and deserve every bit if not more exposure as some of the most influential musicians of our time.

    Kings of Leon is an international phenomenon because of one song: Use Somebody. Use Somebody does not pair with Human. The Killers can go anywhere in the world except for arrogant America and sell out concerts. And Human is not the Killers’ only dimension. They’ve got much more experience (Mr. Brightside, Somebody told me, When you were young…the list goes on…) and charisma compared to the Kings of Leon, who by the way, will die out faster than Smashmouth did after his success in the early 2000′s of “Allstar”, after Shrek it was all downhill for that unfortunate artist.

  10. Lennon says:

    Wait a minute…since when did he become Noel Gallagher the second?

  11. steve says:

    I think kurt was a great musician, and I think Brandon is a better one. Somebody told me… mr. brightside … when you were young… human… dustland fairytales! these song r a newer generation of music! Kurt he was in the 90′s and he had problems so he sang about it… and it was stupid depressing lyrics. That defined his generation. But he needed to get over himself. Rock is fun, and Kurt made it depressing. I agree with Brandon Flowers. His music is real. Kurt can do some good music but its grunge it took the fun out of all rock.

  12. just another mo fo says:

    Since when does music have to be fun or positive to be good? Good music is about real life, and for some people, real life sucks. @Steve: when your friends are depressed, do you tell them to get over themselves? What’s so bad about someone expressing their hardships through music? Fun music isn’t “real”, it’s just fun.

  13. ACE says:


  14. Valene says:

    Hey everybody, Happy Fool’s Day!!!

    A carpenter in Chelm is fixing the roof, but as he works, he throws away about half the nails. The mayor is passing by, and asks him why he’s wasting so many nails. The carpenter answers, “I take a nail out of the bag, and if it’s facing the roof, I use it; if it’s facing away, I know it’s defective and throw it away.”
    The mayor tells him, “You fool! Those are for the other side!!”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

  15. TheRealKiller says:

    The killers blow cock long and hard. I am not like the rest I wont say they have some good songs but now they are getting worse. Fuck that their whole catalougue blows dick. Fuck the killers they sound like whiney little fairy music. There is a reason nobody likes your shitty albums in america, thats because we like rock fucking music not fairy boy whine=fest music. Go write some more douche bag songs and lose more of your vaginal fans. The killers blew since day one, and oh yeah the singer sounds like my ass after a few laxatives, musically kurt cobain fucked your ass dry killers, he had a classic rock n roll voice whereas the killer have a classic girly voice. They couldnt influence a preschool of retards and kurt influenced everything. The killers are fucking stupid without kurt introducing alternative to the world the killers wouldnt exist, have some godamn respect you fucking idiots.

  16. Rockin says:

    Heres the thing, Nirvana was a rock band and they rocked HARD. The killers are some kind of emotional weird rock hybrid thing. You go to a Nirvana concert and you are going to hear defening rock blasted in your ears while 300 kids mosh the shit out of the place and have nothing but hard rockin fun. Then you get to see the band destroy the set and put on a show you would remember the rest of your fucking life. The killers play a show….and eh, its no fun thats for sure. No out of control release like nirvana just that same old boring crap they play….. “when you were you uh uh ong” Yeah why dont you bastards finish your boring ass set while we are still young. To act like they are even near the same level as Nirvana is fuckin laughable, its pathetic really. Nirvana would come to town and blow your fucking socks off, the killers come to town….and nobody gives a fuck…nothing about them rocks and ever will. They are closer to a boy band than a rock band, never have I been to a more dull show in my life than when I saw them play a year ago…..fuck the killers….only good if you want to fall asleep. completely forgettable.

    He brings up human????? LMFAO seriously LAUGH MY FUCKING ASS OFF…..never has there been a bigger piece of shit than human…godamn that songs blows…theres a reason they dont play that piece of shit on the radio…because it sucks dick. and there is a reason why they play every nirvana song on the radio….because they are fucking classic and they rock your balls off.

  17. brandon your musics great and all, but so is kurt's. says:

    FUCK IT i used to actually LOVE the killers
    now he can die for all i care
    the fuck not all music is happy go lucky!
    if it was i would commit suicide by now because there is no comfort in knowing that you cannot express yourself in a way that is your own! it has to be fun and bright. he did not take any fun away from rock n roll! he is just a PART of rock! a huge chunk of it! and what made him a huge part of rock is the people who loved his music so fuck off! flower’s screaming jealously! there is many different rock! i know kurt wasnt the most positive person but there is ALOT of positive rock too (In fact, rock is basically the only genre that has pain’s expression in it. Look at all the other genres… Maybe he shouldn’t do rock at all, if he’s gonna bitch at all the others who play it and made it their own as well) so he needs to stop whinning. not everything is gonna fit for him. OTHER PEOPLE like OTHER THINGS. not everything is gonna be what you like! this so called ‘not fun’ music is an outlet for people who feel the same as he does. so LET IT GO damn haters! RIP KURT

    {{ – Basically to sum this up, there is many different sides to music, and for you to say you want all rock to be happy and bright would be BORING as fuck if you ask me. Its actually funner when there is ALL TYPES. Sorry to say Brandon, but ive lost alot of respect for you, and funny thing is te he, thats not the only time you brought this kinda crap up! said the same shit to radiohead, green day, kol, and now nirvana. GTH MAN

    Hah. and Maybe his music isnt whinny but he sure loves to complain and whine in real life!

  18. DANIEL says:

    umm why does rock and roll have to be fun? i like the killers alot but you douche brendan it can be whatever it has to be, day and age sucks ass anyway go fuck yourself brendan

  19. Aimee says:

    ….This dude really has a thing for having a go at musicians better then him, doesn’t he?

  20. jon says:

    Wow. People read too much into things. I think he went too easy on Kurt and grunge. Thanks for lowering the bar and making it possible for any retard druggy who can play three power chords to get famous. Its cool though. I am sure he helped boost anti depression medication sales. Pharmaceutical companies made a fortune. Damn you you Brandon for not enabling self destruction.

  21. Lainey says:

    I can’t believe the flack people are giving Brandon for his OPINION!! It didn’t sound like a ‘diss’ to me, just an observation. He didn’t say they weren’t talented, or even that they weren’t great musicians. He only made the point the the movement that Nirvana created (grunge) did kind of suck the fun out of rock and roll. I LOVE Nirvana – but he’s right. Grunge was not meant to be fun and whimsical, and there’s an important place in music for that. But there’s also a place for FUN, and playful extravagence that you used to get from bands like Queen, and Rush…that are coming back with bands like Muse. That’s what I get from Brandon’s comment. Just CHILL out!!

  22. Brad says:

    Massive LOL at how sad you lot are… oh no he disses Kurt Cobain by saying something thats not even bad, it even clearly states him saying he doesnt mean it in a bad way. Chill out Kurt Curbain’s a sad loser who killed himself ahahaahahahaha Grow up :)

  23. g says:

    lol brad you are so sick, it is truely disturbing to me. if he is a sad loser you are no different. i would love to see your face when somebody you love kills themselves. see how funny suicide is then.

  24. g says:

    you have the growing up to do love. :)

  25. indifferent says:

    I really take issue with all of the demonization that is going on in the comments section. I guess there are a lot of feelings being hurt and all. I could really care less about either of these bands though. When the nirvana fans start slinging the Gay epithet around I hope that they remember that Kurt actually said in one of his most popular songs, “Everyone is gay” (not sure, but I think the song was called ‘All Apologies’ or something like that). He probably didn’t mean it though, seeing as he admitted that his songs really didn’t mean anything.

    Why should art have a meaning. It seems that all the rational science types are out to prove how important this or that song is.
    Art is not science!!! Forcing songs to have meaning, takes the art out of music.
    I should start a band and write songs based on algebraic equations, that way there will be no mystery at all what the songs are ‘about’….
    This is a cover of Albert Einsteins E=MC2, or this is our song based on the pythagorean theorem…. but I digress.

    Maybe this is the real trouble with fandom in general. Fans are willing to throw any insult out there just for the effect. Start your own band and stop putting words in the mouth of the dead. If there were any psych majors out there reading this they might conclude there were a lot of Gay Nirvana fans, due to the laws of psychological projection.

    Let me reiterate that I really semi loathe the killers, and Nirvana has kind of grown on me through the years, but I started out despising them, favoring more gay bands like The cure and REM (also two bands that Kobain adored). This whole debaccle has seemed to enamor me to Killers frontman, even though I’ll never like his music….Too Boring..

    It’s also funny how people seem to be so intrigued with the superficial meanings in Kobains lyrics, but in several interviews with Kurt, he pretty much
    comes out and blatantly asserts that the lyrics are meaningless, or that they were written after the fact, with very little thought. He used cut up techniques a la William S. Burroughs (by the way a very prominent self avowed Faggot) which stands firmly on the ideas of the surrealist alleatory, and meaning garnered through chance happening. Anyways just an aside. I’m sure all you die hard fans know all about the William Burroughs connection to Kurt Kobain.

    P.S. Sorry if I mispelled his name, but I really dont give a shit and I doubt that he is mad up there in the buddhist paradise.

    Does an enlightened Buddha kill himself. I challenge fans of nirvana to go and read something related to Buddhism and to delve into the MEANING of the word Nirvana, aside from its exploitive commercial 1990s meaning. Perhaps this is what really made Kurt so depressed. He turned something utterly beautiful, ie the concept of Nirvana, into just another commercial money making scam.

  26. indifferent says:

    Cobain wore make up, and he also wore womens clothes. Brandon Flowers has a gay sounding name. hheee flowers is really his last name or is he just a stupid fag!!!!! Ha fags suck dick lol! they really do though, that’s the irony. Do you get it? scuse me while I pull my wedged panties out of my prolapsed ass crack rectum hole.

  27. Kurt's Lover says:

    Also, I really enjoy taping a Kurt Kobain mask over the faces of all the corpses I dig up from the local graveyard. That way when I rape them, I can imagine I’m really raping Kurt.

    Their oozing flesh reminds me of Mother’s festering cooze.

  28. righty321 says:

    Why is everyone reading this article so blindly? It’s obviously written with a biased perspective against Brandon, and whether he was “dissing” Kurt Cobain or not, this article clearly intentionally only gives the view it wants to and seems to of succeeded in persuading its readers to take this view also.

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  30. Cody says:

    Grunge was mopey, depressing and headache inducing at times. I sure do appreciate it though. I also appreciate Flowers so I’m not picking a side here.

  31. Roberto says:

    Music styles asides, and wether it was grunge or not Kurt Cobain was AT LEAST 10 ten times the artist you’ll ever be Mr.Flowers.Took the fun out of r’n'r?? U fucking kidding me??? It infused some balls into it more like!! Had it not been for Nirvana’s Nevermind the music scene of the past 20 years wouldn’t have been the same at all. They changed the face of rock’n'roll and their music will be always be remembered, something that won’t be happening with you,bunch of weeny New Order wannabes! “Human”?? Give me a break already…what a load of wishy washy crap!!

  32. Roberto says:

    oh don’t mind me folks. I’m just jealous of Brandon Flowers’ looks and talent and the fact that he has a functioning penis, whereas mine got cut off by the authorities after that incident involving all those orphans and my box of roofies.

    Damn little blabbermouths!

  33. fuckallofyou. says:

    hi, i got so excited reading the comments… i just decided to say this…:

  34. audrey says:

    “Good” “Music”,and The Killers shouldn’t even be used in the same sentence..
    Kurt Cobain was and is still a legend.Brandon is full of himself,and is a sellout.Kurt Cobain was more succesful than Brandon ever was or will be when he was alive and even now when he is dead,even surpassing Elvis only between October of 05 and October of 06 earning $50 million.So shut the fuck up Brandon!Yeesh!

  35. Killersrule says:

    Unbelievable that so many people could be offended by Brandon Flowers exercising his freedom of speech. After hearing Night & Day by The Killers I went and bought all their other albums…after hearing Nirvana’s Nevermind I left it at the charity shop.

    Daniel, if you’re going to insult someone, at least get the name right, it’s Brandon not Brendan. A lot of you Cobain fans are coming across as seriously disturbed and possibly requiring intervention with your mental health.

    It should just be about the music and to say you’re no longer a fan because you disagree with a statement from the lead singer is pathetic.

  36. Killersace says:

    The Killers have a distinct advantage over Nirvana THEY ARE ALIVE, NIRVANA ARE DEAD. Get over it.

    Roberto, are you having a laugh…10 times better than The Killers, yeah right. Although it’s good of you to clarify who was the instigator of the decline of music over the last 20 years.

  37. Swallow it says:

    Brandon Flowers is majestic. Nuff’ said. Lol@ dead post

  38. Evan the GRUNGE says:

    while the killers have made some good songs, i find this ironic, because he said, “They took the fun out of rock n roll”, yet its coming from the guy, whose made some of the gayest songs EVER, and, seriously, when your last name is FLOWERS, you cant really say shit about anyone, you know?

  39. AtomManhattan says:

    Nirvana brought something ‘real’ to mainstream music, not fake, poppy bullshit. He was a troubled artist and didn’t fake it by singing about nonsense. Too bad Flowers is just angry his bad has gone downhill big time since Hot Fuss and no one cares anymore.

  40. whoreface says:

    and yes, he is an egomaniacal douchebag, because he’s so up himself he’s complimenting his own music and implying that his song “human” is the shit.