Britney Interrupts Show In Vancouver For Important Drug-Free Message

She's been a lot of things in her life. She's been the crazy lady who drove on the freeway with a baby in her lap, the bald-headed woman beating a vehicle with an umbrella, the barefoot chick at the gas station. But one thing Britney has never been? A supporter of drug use. She told her Canadian fans in Vancouver last night that she's all about hugs, not drugs.

Just three songs into her set, Britney left the stage because it was too smokey in the arena. She was backstage for more than 20 minutes (presumably not having a smoke break) waiting for the cloud to dissipate. An announcer told the crowd that the set couldn't continue if audience members continued to smoke weed and cigarettes.

Naturally, roving reporter Perez Hilton was all over it. Britney's people even released a statement to the site:

We want to apologize to all the fans who attended our Vancouver show tonight for the brief pause in Britney's set. Crew members above the stage became ill due to a ventilation issue.

Apparently safety was the issue, as it was "unsafe" for Britney and her dancers to perform and there was concern that crew members working high above the stage (that's working at a high distance above the stage, not working, above the stage, while high) would become dizzy.

And of course, not to miss an opportunity for an editorial statement, Britney signed off with this: "Thanks Vancouver. You were wonderful. Drive safe. Don't smoke weed!"

Britney Interrupts Show In Vancouver For Important Drug-Free Message