Love Is All Release Free Covers Album

[Photo by Wyatt Cusick]

Love Is All has recorded a bunch of their favorite Swedish classics -- including a cover of Lykke Li's mom's band, Tant Strul's "Pappas Tant" -- and will be giving away the tracks to fans for free at their upcoming shows and online.

According to the band's MySpace blog, they recorded the covers a while back, when they had some time to kill. "Each member would pick a song with no other member getting a say in the matter," said Josephine on the band's blog. "We recorded them all in a hurry at our space just to avoid things getting too complicated."

Love Is All hand-made 200 CDRs, which include screen-printed covers and a small fanzine. Among the Swedish musicians covered are, Bob Hund, Di Leva and Magnus Uggla. The band will be bringing the covers album along with them to their upcoming shows in Europe, but don't worry, even if you can't get one of the 200 albums the band made, you can still go on the band's MySpace and stream the tracks. 

Apparently the band is also trying to decide if they should do an American classics cover album as well, and if so, we have some suggestions.

Love Is All Release Free Covers Album