Ting Tings' Tour Manager Harasses Photographer At Kansas City Show

We'll admit it, The Ting Tings write some pretty catchy songs that stick in your head and never seem to leave, but after hearing about an unpleasant incident with the band's tour managemer at a show in Kansas City this past week, it looks like we're going to have to second guess our thoughts on the seemingly innocent British duo.

According to a blog posted by photographer Nick Davis on Popwreckoning, The Ting Tings played a great show at the Record Bar last week on April 7, but afterward the band's manager was extremely abrasive towards him at the show, cornering him and insisting he erase the photos he took of the band.

"The manager entered the patio, and rudely demanded to know why I was taking pictures. I gave him my business card, told him who I was and mentioned to him that I followed all the rules posted regarding photography (no flash). He said the pictures were the property of The Ting Tings and Sony and that he was requiring me to erase the images in front of him," the blog said. 

When Davis resisted, the tour manager began consistently threatening him, saying he would call the cops. The photographer refuted the brooding tour manager's threats, and left the venue saying he would have the tour manager arrested for false imprisonment if he tried to stop him from leaving.

"I reminded him that in the United States, 'Ting Tings Tour Manager' does not actually give him any legal status. The entire time, the manager stayed within a foot of me, at one point bumping into me. He continued to follow me through the parking lot, at the same distance, until I got in my car," the blog continued. 

Davis got out of the show with the photos in tact on his camera, but his blog made us wonder about The Ting Tings and the itch of fame getting to their heads. We highly doubt any of the photos were incriminating enough for the tour manager to freak out about, but we would like to see them if they are. This is the type of behavior we might expect from Michael Jackson's people, but from The Ting Tings? If this is true, well, we're quite surprised. We're hoping the views of the Ting Tings' tour manager doesn't reflect the bands', but if it does, we know who we're not taking pictures of next time they come to New York.

Ting Tings' Tour Manager Harasses Photographer At Kansas City Show