Crystal Castles Leave Fans Hanging, Cancel Dallas Show Amid Controversy, Get Called Prima Donnas

Crystal Castles
[Photos by Gabriel Kuo]

Crystal Castles and Vega have found themselves in a battle of the bands, and no, they’re not playing some cheesy winner-takes-all show anytime soon. Instead, the bands have been bickering back and forth since last night, when Vega was kicked off the Crystal Castles’ bill, before the Castles eventually canceled the show altogether last minute, disappointing the thousands of fans that were there to see Alice Glass in all her glory.

Crystal Castles were supposed to play to a sold-out crowd at the Dallas, TX venue the Granada Theatre with Vega last night, but instead left  fans waiting for over two hours for the show to start, only to be  told at 10 p.m. that it was canceled, according to GorillaVsBear. Vega has retaliated against Crystal Castles, and has blamed them for canceling the show  and kicking the band off the bill because of “petty bullshit.” Crystal Castles representatives have retaliated against Alan Palomo of Vega’s comments, saying the band were kicked off the  bill for legitimate reasons after the band had stole an FX-pedal from Crystal Castles. Of course, Palomo denies the statements from the representative, saying it was “fucking bullshit.”

Vega has also blamed Crystal Castles for being Prima Donnas at the Granada Theatre while they were trying to sound check for the show. The band was allegedly unhappy with  the sound of the venue, and wanted to cancel the show instead of  possibly not having enough kick drum. According to the CCs crew, the venue was ill-equipped for the sound Crystal Castles was producing, and they were worried they would have blown the speaker system if they had performed at their normal  standards. The band’s reps have also said the blame should not be put on the band for not playing, but instead on whomever booked the band for the venue.

We’re not sure exactly how much sound is amped out of Crystal Castles’ set, but Ratatat and Animal Collective have both played on the same speakers and  have managed well, so the unparalleled stories between Vega  and Crystal Castles is leaving a sour taste of caddy behaviors pouring all over the internet. The Granada Theatre is refunding the ticket costs to each person who missed out on a what could have been, sweet show.


The folks at the Dallas Observer send us this tip. Granada Theatre owner Mike Schoder has put the blame squarely on the Crystal Castles for the canceled show last night, and defended Vega against the haughty band. Read the e-mail statement released by Mike Schoder below, and head here to read about all of the events as they unfolded.

E-mail from Granada Theatre owner Mike Schoder
Let me start with a definition: 
Pre-madonna: Pre-madonnas cannot help the way they are because their parents spoiled them and they are still developing their personalities. All a pre-madonna has to do is whine and their parents give them what they want.

Here’s how our day went at the Granada on Tue:
Vega (Alan from Ghosthustler) opened for CC in Austin Monday night. At 5pm (3 hrs before doors) we received a call from CC that Vega could not be on the bill.

Vega had been approved by CC in advance for the bill. Early on Tue CC hired a light tech from Austin that is also a DJ  to replace Vega.

CC could have communicated with Vega early in the day before they left Austin.

Vega was at the Granada waiting to soundcheck.

CC would not enter the building until Vega was gone from the premise.

Alan was super cool. No pre-madonna.

We’ve never seen this request. The other co-promoter out of Austin has never seen this kind of request.

CC whining…

CC soundchecked at 6pm instead of at 4pm.

CC didn’t “like the sound of their kickdrum”.

CC insists that “more woofers be brought in”.

Rental places close at 6pm.

It is now 7pm.

Granada has 16 – 18″ sub-woofers and 12 – 15″ sub-woofers. Also 32 – 8″ midranges. Lots of firepower.

Sound check was great.

CC says they would rather cancel the show than possibly not have enough kick drum.

Granada begs that the show goes on.

Granada even offers to dismantle sub woofer stacks and place them in different places in the room.

Granada was willing to do anything to have the show go on.

CC waits until after 10pm to give final cancellation.

The show must go on. Life is all perception. One person sees the day as beautiful, another sees the day as crap.

Why would any band crap on their fans like this?

Insecurity is a cancer. Love yourself. Love your sound guy and the system at the club you are playing.

Play the show. Then listen to your fans. If you don’t like the sound at a club never go back to the club.

We’ve had every big band imaginable in every genre imaginable and had amazing shows.

Nobody has complained about our sound. This is totally out of left field. 

The sound at Granada is amazing…and would have been if CC would have just got on stage and played.

Today, Granada is refunding ticket cost and entire service charge to each patron. No one cares for live music more than we do. We’ve put together an amazing room, staff and sound system.

We’ll see you soon fellow music fans.
Mike Schoder and all the Staff at Granada.

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  1. dan says:

    my hunch is that vega have the moral upper hand here, at least based on previous behavior. crystal castles are great musically but have a long history of acting like prima donnas, so their behavior here doesn’t come as much of a shock – whereas alan from vega is a pretty damn nice dude and i’d be surprised if he actually did the things the CCs accuse him of.
    in any case, hooray for BEEFS!

  2. Jusania says:

    Crystal Castles are and have always been a TERRIBLE band to begin with! It’s dumbfounding to see the unconditional love and affection this outfit gets from kids and press alike. The music and songs are worthless. Atari Teenage Riot sucked the first time around. Can’t you people see what a joke these guys are and how you’re all being fooled? So sad that crap like this is taken seriously when there’s so much good stuff happening that sits under the radar. Is their image really that good? Pathetic that it’s come down to being saturated with such fabricated trash. Very sad times indeed.

  3. jenz says:

    it’s a very good point made about ratatat and animal collective having played there and surviving – i mean, reverb city…

  4. Matt says:

    Jusania is correct.

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  6. juepucta says:

    The word’s primadonna people. No caps, no relation to Ms. Ciccone or Jesus’ mom. The term comes from the stage.


  7. me says:

    This article seems a little slanted, making vega sound way more harsh than they were. I mean, i think yes they were really angry at the band (and rightfully so) for pulling them off the bill 3 hours before the show after they drove 4 hours to get to the venue. And they said some stuff initially, but Alan’s really not that mean. I know him. He’s a nice guy – which I guess the owner of the granada could tell, which is he was “defending” him. You can listen to his interview, and his side of the story here:

    And granted I haven’t been to too many shows at granada, the sound seems fine, and even if the kick drum isn’t as loud as you want it CC should of fucking played the show instead of sending their now ex-fans home after waiting for 2 1/2 hours (I was one of them). I agree with mike from the granada. If you don’t like the venue sound: just play the show and never return to the venue. Don’t cancel 3 hours after he show was supposed to start and then disappoint fans. At least the granada is being very cool about this and refunding us, plus some.

    I guess the article just wanted to add a little more drama/conflict into the story, when really it was just CC being cunts.

  8. Moses says:

    Crystal Castles suck. Wish they would just go away. Anyone can put a screaming girl on stage and have her jump around to strobe lights and atari sounds. And that dip shit guy with the hood and the mug…. please. Thanks but no thanks.

  9. ApeShow says:

    I think this is just a CC bash article.
    Yeah that wasn’t right for them to do last minute.
    But I know how it is playing shows and having SHIT sound. Another thing, if it IS true that Vega stole their equipment, I see all the reason for them to want to cancel them from the bill.

    It’s a terrible feeling to play a shitty sounding venue. They played a show for CMW in Toronto that ended up sounding like shit…The mics went on and off, there was feedback, the drums weren’t loud. They still played even though they were having massive sound problems (They ended earlier though).
    So since they have first hand experience of this crappy situation, they decided not to play after sound check at Dallas confirmed this reoccurring nightmare.

    It’s not like CC don’t tour enough to be able to go back and play again at a different venue (they haven’t had a steady break in more than 2 years). Obviously it’s really crappy for the fans- there’s no doubt about that. But if they’re getting a refund…

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  11. christopher says:

    I support Granada theater on this one…Crystal Castles member Ethan, actually went out into the crowd and approached almost all the fans lying to their faces telling them that Granada did not want them to go on. Ethan stated that, “they didn’t want them to play because they were afraid that they were going to blow their sound system”, I now know that this was a lie. It seems as if gracing the crowd with his appearance was going to justify their actions. Ethan then kept stating, “will make it up to you”, this might be bullshit as well. When I directly asked him if the show was going to be cancelled 20 minutes before it was officially cancelled, he simply ignored me and kept working the crowd…I guess he was trying to get the fans on his side before allegations were given that they cancelled because they were insecure about their performance. Crystal Castles seems to think that sending one member of the group into the crowd was worth the fee of the ticket and if this is the case the ticket was only worth $15.oo, which is not worth shit. I guess they thought that much of their fans…thinking that we would be bought off by simply gracing us with one members presence;…maybe even the word losers might have been tossed backstage in the greenroom defining their fans, as they let them wait for fucking two hours. They lost 2 fans that night, even if I define myself a fan, I was barely even interested in their music. Maybe their parents still prepare their food with breast-pumps because they still act like children if they don’t bother to act like professionals in their line of business.

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  13. c says:

    The roadie’s were nice. The fat ass manager Ian is a total fucking jerk! The dorky hooded guy and that homely tourette syndrome bitch can eat a dick too. They are both fucking ugly and they can’t play a fucking live show on their own. For a 2 person band they have 7 sycophants running their shit. The ugly short guy with the hood, thank god he wears it–he’s more hideous than their epileptic “singer”, well, he “spins” a fucking mac book. Fuck Crystal Assholes! Wow, a gamer’s wet dream! They’re so fucking vain too. They lie about where they’re from–it’s like 7 people from all over the world spain, canada, and texas–bumfuck nerds! They sucked ass at All Points West!

  14. kile says:

    This is a bash article. I’ve promoted 2 of their shows and they were sweet and down to earth. The shows were amazing. A band that plays 200+ shows a year is bound to run into trouble now and then. Plus I wouldn’t believe a word out of Mike Schoder’s mouth (Granada owner). Anyone who’s dealt with him leaves thinking “um wtf”.