Nobunny, LiveFastDie, Liquor Store @ Union Pool | Brooklyn

Words and photos by Derek Evers

I'm going to piss some people off with the headline when they realize I have no visual or aural proof of witnessing Nobunny. That's because my journey to see two of the Godfathers of the self-recorded garage punk scenes on both coasts -- Nobunny on the West and LiveFastDie on the East -- ended when midnight hit and there were still two bands to go before he hit the stage. I know, not very punk rock.

I walked in as NJ's Liquor Store was finishing up. Definitely one of the bright spots among the crop of young garage punks, I only happened to catch the end of the last song, which featured members of just about every band from the bill on stage.

[Liquor Store]

Up next (and finishing my night), was LiveFastDie, and while I can listen to LFD records repeatedly, their live show is always something of an experiment. With no firm band members, this night proved to be one of the tightest sets of theirs I've witnessed. A new drummer was present, and Liquor Store provided a second guitar to compliment both Camero Werewolf's skills and antics. That's when midnight hit, my carriage turned into a pumpkin and I missed what will probably be a fleeting moment to witness Nobunny live in NYC. Bummer.

Nobunny, LiveFastDie, Liquor Store @ Union Pool | Brooklyn