The Singles Collection - Hunx And His Punx, Jacuzzi Boys, Woven Bones, Ean Eraser

The Singles Collection is contributor Jason Jackowiak’s weekly column focusing on rare and essential 7″ releases. We gladly accept all types of 7″ for consideration.

Honestly, we don't really have the time or energy for a long, witty opening diatribe this week. Plus we're still in a half-sugar coma from Easter, so we'll let the stellar platters do the lion's share of the talking this week, which, should be easy, as we've got some real scorchers.

Getting us started this week is the new single from rapidly rising scene darling Hunx and his Punx, "Hey Rocky" b/w "Movin' On" on the sometimes problematic Bubbledumb Records. Now, to be fair, the distro on this title has been a bit spotty, as only a handful of stores/distributors seem to have received copies and as a result, have blown through them in a matter of hours. The band had copies, but ran out of them shortly after their second performance at SxSW and are no longer selling them through their MySpace. It's a shame, too, because "Hey Rocky" is every bit as good, or possibly even better, than anything else in his growing canon; a deviously simple song with an irresistible chorus, playful hand-claps and a one-finger keyboard line that sticks to the roof of your brain like epoxy. The flipside isn't quite on a par with the sure-to-be-classic on the A-Side, but it's certainly no slouch. A frizzle frazzled slice of lo-fi bubblegum trash punk that certainly stands on its own two well-manicured feet. Make sure to keep yr eyes glued to places like Goner and Tic Tac Totally as they're supposed to be getting copies any day now and they are sure to go quick-as-lightning.

Next up is a split between Miami's Jacuzzi Boys and Austin's Woven Bones on the upstart Needless Records and damned if it's not one hell of a first release. Both bands have been tearing it up as of late, and Woven Bones follow up their awesome HoZac Hookup Klub single with "Grown Crazy", a slow-slicing shoegaze-psych jam that flares up with rumbling distortion squalls, fuzz wah-wah action and heavily FX'd vocals, basically something akin to the Reid brothers dropping LSD in some palatial garden while trying to play the Seeds' back catalog. On the flip, Jacuzzi Boys follow up their awesome Rob's House single with "The Countess", another tasty slice of their southern-fried punky slo-core goodness. It's stately and restrained, yet retains a burning psych underbelly that keeps it tight and punk at its core. These are still available from the label's MySpace, so get on over there and grab some for you and your friends.

Finally this week, we've got the first release from the mysterious and enigmatic Ean Eraser, "Illegitimate Love" b/w "It Does Not Matter to Me" which is self-released, but has been distro'd heavily by Florida's Dying. Nobody's entirely sure who's behind the EE curtain, as there's only a shady MySpace page to go on, but whoever it is, they know their way around catchy-as-hell three minute punk-pop firebombs. Each of the two tracks here is credited to a different songwriter, leading some to wonder if they're not covers of obscure 70s tunes and EE has just gotten the better of everyone. Covers or not, both of these tunes crackle with spitfire energy and loads of caffeinated effervescence, like the Buzzcocks snorting pixi-stix or drinking lemonade spiked with amyl nitrate. FD's got the last of the pressing up for sale on their site now, so if this sounds like your brand of vodka, jump over there tuite suite and snag a copy before they're lost to the ages.

Well, that's all we've got for this week, but next week we'll be back with another all Sacred Bones installment, and hopefully the week after we'll sink our teeth into some of the Record Store Day-only jams that will be available exclusively at your favorite local purveyors of the phonographic arts this weekend, so make sure you go out and support your local shops!

The Singles Collection - Hunx And His Punx, Jacuzzi Boys, Woven Bones, Ean Eraser