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Mountain Goats' Darnielle And John Vanderslice Release Collaborative EP


After heading out on the Gone Primitive acoustic tour together earlier this year, John Darnielle (Mountain Goats) and John Vanderslice will be releasing a special vinyl-only EP of recordings the two did while on the road via Cadmean Dawn Records.

The new EP, Moon Colony Bloodbath, was recorded by Vanderslice and Darnielle while touring and later sold to fans. The EP also features Chris Stamey on a few of the tracks. Since the EP didn't sell out while it was on sale during the tour, it's now being made available for retail.

In an e-mail to Pitchfork, Darnielle described the new album saying, "Some of the songs have something to do with a loose rock opera/'concept album' idea about organ harvesting colonies on the moon and the employees thereof, who spent their off months living in secluded opulence in remote American locations. Concepts like this are actually more fun when you abandon them but leave their traces kicking around, so that's what we did."

So if you want to know what organ harvesting colonies on the moon sound like, then this would be the record for you. Not to mention it's bound to be another one of those rare Mountain Goats EPs, so you should get your hands on a copy while you can.

Moon Colony Bloodbath track listing
Side A

01. Surrounded
02. Lucifer Rising
03. Satori in Denver

Side B
01. Scorpio Rising
02. Sudden Oak Death
03. Columns Pillars Steps
04. Emerging

Mountain Goats' Darnielle And John Vanderslice Release Collaborative EP