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Stream The Gorillaz Documentary In It's Entirety Now


Gorillaz have released their new documentary, Bananaz, for free on Babelgum. The hour and a half documentary sheds a light of reality upon the cartoon band, and tracks the creative process behind the minds of Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett between 2000-2006.

The documentary follows the conceptualization behind Gorillaz, showing the formation of the band from the start of the very first drawings, music and animation behind the successful cartoon rockers. Giving fans insight behind the mysterious mentalities that created their favorite music, the documentary also features guest appearances from the likes of Danger Mouse, De la Soul and D12, who all aided Gorillaz in the creative process. Bananaz made it's theatrical debut at the Berlin Film Festival, as well as showing at SxSW.

Along with the free stream, Babblegum has also launched a Gorillaz channel on their website. The new channel gives an even more in depth look at the band through footage of live concerts, as well as videos, games and exclusive clips.

Stream The Gorillaz Documentary In It's Entirety Now