MySpace Is Firing Your First Friend Tom!

We all know Tom. He's the most popular guy on the world wide Web, but don't get used to seeing that smiling, friendly face on your friend's list much longer. The famous frontman of the social networking site MySpace might be disappearing from your friend feed soon, and no, it's not because he's joined Facebook or Twitter instead. According to reports, Tom and the rest of the MySpace Executive Team are most likely being terminated from their positions within the next week.

The current CEO of MySpace, Chris DeWolfe, founded the social networking agent in August 2003, but later sold the company to News Corp. in 2005, while still maintaining his position of power. Now, News Corp. has a new head honcho, Jonathan miller, and the Digital Media CEO is making some drastic changes to the once entrepreneurial MySpace staff.

According to, DeWolfe and our good friend/co-founder Tom Anderson signed a contract with News Corp. in 2007 that ends this October. The contract has to be renegotiated, but instead of rewriting a new terms of agreement, Miller has allegedly changed the management of the site -- finding a new CEO that will be taking DeWolfe's place within the next week.

The new candidate for the CEO position has not been announced, but the firing of DeWolfe means that Tom and Aber Whitcomb, the CTO of MySpace, will be soon be out the door as well. Though the popularity of MySpace has sizzled within the past year or so, with the increasing popularity of Facebook and Twitter, the site has still managed to be a central outlet for person to person networking and remains at the very top of web traffic. Terminating the heads behind the original operation is bound to be a large blow to the morality of the company, and could seriously hinder the longevity and creative ideals behind the sites' operations.

So, sayonara Tom, you were a great pal, and we'll be sending you all of your farewell messages as soon as we can. Who knows when we'll see his smiling face again. Lets just hope Tom will hop on the Facebook train, or even better, start an even better social site that will become the next crazy trend, soon. We're thinking of going back to Friendster.

MySpace Is Firing Your First Friend Tom!