RATATAT, Tussle @ Terminal 5 | NYC

[Photos and words by Rez Avissar]

A good night for photos, especially now that I've upgraded (i.e. using the office camera). I like how timeless the dudes from RATATAT look. Bluesy, ragged and rocking. Terminal 5 was tight on photo privileges: photo pass required to take photos for no reason, no flash (I don't usually use much) and only during the first three songs (not rare, but oh so irritating). Weak. But here's what I could squeeze out of that first three.

Tussle sounded tight. A bit more tribal than I recall hearing on their records. The band has little as far as stage presence but the crowd seemed to love it.


How great it must be to live the lives the dudes in RATATAT are living — to what it is you love the most every night. For these guys, what they enjoy doing is pretty clear: soaring and wailing on guitars.

Their style is very defined and confined, but it could have gone on for several hours more with nary a complaint because it's that good. I had no idea they were this big, though- the place was surprisingly packed with mainstreamers. When did they become a household name? Apparently, not long after "Seventeen Years" got picked up by every DJ in the country in 04 and snowballed. No surprise that that song got by far the biggest audience response, because, yes, it's still the most bangin. But the whole set assumed an Air-level perfectionism — the place devoured it.


RATATAT, Tussle @ Terminal 5 | NYC