Watch Billy Corgan Live From The Studio, If You're Willing To Pay For It

Just in case going to concerts wasn't enough for you, here's another opportunity to give Billy Corgan money in exchange for the chance to witness his sparkling attitude and charming personality: fans can now pay to subscribe to video updates of the Smashing Pumpkins in the studio as they record.

The 12-week subscription will cost you $40, with the promise of at least 25 minutes of video update footage each week, according to the site.

On the site, Corgan had the following to say about the "project":

The goal is to create a working model that is not profit motivated but rather information and access motivated. In exchange for a fixed resource base fans will be let inside in an unprecedented way to the creative process of preparing to make the next SP album while also inspiring an inter-active dialogue that will help shape the work. Because of the open window, further efforts will be made to provide content so that anyone participating can more readily follow the arc over the 12 weeks, with unprecedented access to lyrical and musical content.

Despite the non-profit, charitable, warm-fuzzy nature of this whole thing, it still all depends on subscribers. If not enough fans are interested, the project gets scrapped. Nonetheless, Billy would like to leave you with this, a hug in word form:

I am excited to make this offer to anyone who might be interested what goes on behind the wizard's curtain. It is my goal to far exceed the normal docmentary process and use the moment to create something that invokes synchronicity, electricity, and faith into a moment that is ever unfolding.

Watch Billy Corgan Live From The Studio, If You're Willing To Pay For It