The Perfect Sunny Weekend Song – Music Is Magic "Gupdegup" (Dan Friel, Animal Collective, Steel An' Skin Mix)


A friend of The Tripwire who goes under the production credit of Music Is Magic recently sent us a mix of songs he mashed-up. Included in the mix were a bevy of indie staples we prescribe to, including Gang Gang Dance, M83, Black Dice, Burial and MGMT among others. But the track “Gupdegup” mixes arguably three of our favorite summer jams together to make what we are deeming the perfect track to escape the city to.

By combining Dan Friel‘s already catchy as hell “Ghost Town (Part 1)” with a live take of Animal Collective‘s “Taste” and using Steel An’ Skin‘s “Reggae Is Here Once Again” and “Afro Punk Reggae Dub” for the rhythm, we dare you to listen to this song without feeling happy and bobbin’ your head. Just wait until about 50 seconds in when the melody from the Friel track kicks in and try not to smile. It’s impossible.

Music Is Magic – “Gupdegup” (Dan Friel, Animal Collective, Steel An’ Skin Mix)

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  1. Kevin says:

    Was that link in a mix suppose to take us to a download? If so it doesn’t, if not why not? ;)

  2. Rez Avissar says:

    the proper link is this one: