Weeks Away From Album Release, Chickenfoot Sells Out All Nine Debut Shows

They announced their formation barely a month ago and their debut album doesn't come out for another five weeks, but apparently the buzz around "supergroup" Chickenfoot is so great that they've managed to sell out all nine road-test shows they had planned for the month of May.

Maybe it's a fascination with that weird name, maybe it's faith in the group members' collective history (Van Halen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, suing Coldplay) or maybe it's just the desire to fork over large sums of money to see bands whose music you've never even heard. We can't really be sure. All we know is that from Seattle to Toronto to Philly, Chickenfoot tickets were a hot commodity.

In fact, tickets for the shows were in such high demand that the band has laid down a strict anti-scalping policy, requiring each ticket to be presented with ID at the door of each show. Apparently members of the band's fan club were even shut out. (Fan club? Based on what? We know.)

Their debut album comes out June 9, and they're promising fans they'll be back on the road at bigger venues in August and September for a major North American tour. You can also check out a very informative introductory video here.

Sold-out Chickenfoot dates
05.14.09 - Seattle, Wash. (El Corazon)
05.15.09 - Vancouver, BC (Commodore Ballroom)
05.17.09 - San Francisco, Calif. (The Fillmore)
05.19.09 - West Hollywood, Calif. (The Roxy Theatre)
05.22.09 - Chicago, Ill. (Park West)
05.24.09 - Toronto, ON (The Mod Club Theatre)
05.26.09 - Cambridge, Mass. (Middle East Upstairs)
05.28.09 - New York, NY (The Fillmore)
05.29.09 - Philadelphia, Penn. (TLA)

Weeks Away From Album Release, Chickenfoot Sells Out All Nine Debut Shows