The Faint, Ladytron @ The Variety Playhouse | Atlanta

Words and photos by Heather Hennessey

I was very excited when I heard Ladytron and The Faint where doing a co-headlining tour. I had yet to see Ladytron perform aside from the occasional DJ set, and The Faint blow me away every time. That being said it was showtime.


After a short-yet-entertaining set by the Crocodiles, Ladytron took the stage. Being a huge fan of their music I was really excited to see their live set. Their songs sounded amazing, the light show was killer and, apart from slight technical difficulties that forced them to leave the stage for about 5 minutes the set, was all and all entertaining. However, I must say I was slightly disappointed with how boring their stage presence was. Given their style of music I guess I just expected a little more of a high energy performance. Instead of them barley moving, looking like they were bored or just didn't want to be there at all.

[The Faint]

Then came The Faint, who seemed to take the energy level straight through the roof from start to finish. As always, their songs sounded great, light show was spectacular and they just never seem to disappoint. They barely stop moving in between songs. The show as a whole was very entertaining, as for Ladytron, maybe they were just having an off night, which wont stop me from checking them out again.

The Faint, Ladytron @ The Variety Playhouse | Atlanta