Wavves & TV On The Radio Get Dissed By Psychedelic Horseshit

Some people dig Wavves, others do not. A listening experience not dissimilar to running your favorite rock record through a analog lo-fi grinder, it's not hard to hear why Wavves' much-hyped almost-eponymous debut album Wavvves has been polarizing. But wow, in Psychedelic Horseshit's interview with the Washington Post, they really tear the kid a new one. Brandishing "Wavves Suxx" t-shirts, the dudes in Psychedelic Horseshit go on to lament their current situation: "We should have named ourselves Wavves. We'd be rich now if we would've. We're better than Wavves, he does the same kind of [expletive]." And that's not all:

MW: Right it's one person with GarageBand and a few chords and like -- Wavves to me sounds like [expletive] TV on the Radio. That band sucks [expletive]. It's one of the worst bands to get popular in a long time. They [expletive] trump No Age because I think it's worse than No Age. No Age is just like, [expletive]. It's really [expletive].

Washington Post: Do you think it'll be fleeting, or will these bands maintain fans?
MW: I don't know. Honestly I hope so because somehow if those [expletive][expletive]-[expletive] bands, by default, are like the leaders of the lo-fi movement now and we're somehow under that umbrella because we made a lo-fi album. So it's like, if those bands [expletive] don't do good, I'm going to hunt them down and kill them because that's the end of us. They're [expletive] representing a bunch of good bands. Somehow the [expletive] bands get to represent the good bands. But it's like that all through [expletive] history. Psychedelic Horse[expletive] - I think we're better than Wavves, for sure....

I don't care if people like Psychedelic Horse[expletive]. It's for me. It's for me to make music that I like. I don't give a [expletive] if anybody likes it. Those bands, they're all about like, Oh, we're girls! Or, Oh, we're skaters! Or, Oh, we're California bros! Yeah, but, can you write a good song? No. You [expletive] put a couple chords together - I don't know. I shouldn't be talking so much [expletive] in an interview about Psychedelic Horse[expletive]. But it's so prevalent now, everybody's getting a [expletive] about all these bands...

Washington Post: Anyway, so you think this will make it harder for the "good" bands to break through?
MW: Well now it's like if we make a record people are gonna be like, Oh, this Psychedelic Horse[expletive] record sounds like Wavves! Because it's lo-fi! No. No, it doesn't sound like Wavves. Wavves sounds like TV on the Radio, which [expletive] sounds like some really bad [expletive].

Washington Post: Yeah, I don't really get that band, they're not the worst.
MW: It's just like Wavves if he had some black dudes and a full band

Well, whatever the incredibly nice dudes in TV On the Radio did to deserve this verbal thrashing, I'm sure they'll get over it with their (deservingly) award-winning album's and world-tour. [Via Stereogum]

Wavves & TV On The Radio Get Dissed By Psychedelic Horseshit