The Singles Collection - Gary War, Personal & The Pizzas

The Singles Collection is contributor Jason Jackowiak’s weekly column focusing on rare and essential 7″ releases. We gladly accept all types of 7″ for consideration.

We're mega pressed for time this week at the Singles Collection, and not wanting to shaft our good friends at Sacred Bones, we're going to bump them back one more week (we swear this time) so we can give them their due and proper. But, on the plus side, we do have at least one SB-related artist this week, so it's not completely a wash. Anyway, so much time and so little to do -- strike that, reverse it -- let's get onto the singles.

Getting us started this week is the new one-sided 7" from perennial favorites Gary War, "Anhedonic Man", on the venerable Hell, Yes! imprint out of Italy. Some might say that a one-sided single is a waste of time/space, and generally we would tend to agree, but HY! always has such ripping tunes that we're willing to let them slide. This one is certainly no different, as "Anhedonic Man" is a slip-n-slide cosmic romp through a vast netherworld of analog synths, taut drumming and sandblasted guitars that sounds like it was recorded by the spirits of Eddie Hazel and Michael Rother in Berlin in 2018 and shipped back just to show us how fantastic our future sounds will be. There's also a special edition of this release that comes with a bonus one-sided 7" that's the same track, only reverse-grooved so it plays backwards. Both versions are still available at the Hell, Yes! MySpace, or if you are in the States and the standard version is ok with you, then hit up the Sacred Bones distro page.

Also this week, we've got the first single from Hoboken's Personal & The Pizzas, the self-titled EP on Gooc Entertainment. We've been enjoying the hell out of this slab for months now, but have waited due to them being out-of-print and unavailable for anything other than collector's prices. But now that the repress seems to be making its way to stores and distros, we figure we'd include them finally. It's easy to be put off by their 50's greaser aesthetic -- Personal looks like he was cast out of Lenny & Squiggy's inner circle -- but the 3 songs on this EP are fantastic, all rambling along the alleyway with shambolic, Ramones-like hooks and playing that feels shabby on its best days. "I Don't Wanna Be No Personal Pizza" sounds like it's being held together with duct tape and some old bubblegum, and that's more than alright by us. They've since released a split 7" with Bobby Ubangi on the awesome Rob's House imprint, and copies of this original EP should start showing up in distros (check Florida's Dying and Rocket Reducer any day now).

It's a short week for us (the real world has beckoned and we must heed the call), but we'll be back up to full steam next week, you can count on that. Until then, enjoy these couple nuggets, sit outside and enjoy the ever-improving weather and have a cocktail for us.

The Singles Collection - Gary War, Personal & The Pizzas