FADER TV: Food Thyme Goes Inside the Hello, Cupcake Test Kitchen

As soon as we heard that Karen Tack and Alan Richardson, the masterminds behind Hello, Cupcake!, were working on their new follow-up cookbook, we rolled up to their doorstep begging, whining and searching for treats. It’s a good thing they’re familiar with dog behavior because after we settled down a little, they cautiously—and graciously— let us in. They gave us a tour of their color-coordinated sprinkle cabinets, a rundown of just about every candy under the sun and instructions on how to make cupcakes look like spaghetti and meatballs. We were so psyyyyched when we left, bearing foil swans filled with cupcakes, that we have been listening to Vanilla Fudge and Strawberry Alarm Clock ever since (wokka wokka). For more recipes on how to turn ordinary cupcakes into penguins, sharks, owls and more, buy Hello, Cupcake!, and watch out for Pt. II due out in 2010.

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