Swine Flu Takes Its First Concert Victims, Two Gigs Cancelled

Mad cow disease, bird flu, swine flu, who cares. Just try not to get sneezed on and you're fine, right? Well it looks like this thing might be affecting us a little more than we thought -- concerts are being cancelled because of the outbreak. Messing with our music? Now that's a pandemic.

The Daily Swarm brought these two separate incidents to our attention: AllHipHop.com reported yesterday that Young Jeezy would not perform his show at the University of Delaware last night, canceled by university officials due to an outbreak of swine flu, and today The Guardian reported that Peterborough, UK band Kissmet would be pulling their gig in Mexico City this week as the sold-out festival they were meant to play was cancelled.

The cancellation in Mexico City is pretty obvious, but as for the University of Delaware it looks like 10 students on campus were suspected of having swine flu. University President Patrick T. Harker said that while the diagnoses had not been confirmed, "I have no doubt that these suspected cases are causing a great deal of concern among the entire campus community."

We just hope this mess gets sorted out soon, because festival season is no time to be concerned about any kind of infectious disease. If you've used one port-a-potty, you've used them all, if you know what we mean.

Swine Flu Takes Its First Concert Victims, Two Gigs Cancelled