Alice In Chains Set to Release New Record In September?

This just feels wrong. This ain't no Steve Perry situation. It's been seven years since Alice In Chains' iconic singer Layne Staley passed away, but apparently the music must go on. The band has apparently finished recording a new album, which is set to be released this September on Virgin/EMI.

The new album is still untitled, but Alice in Chains has employed Comes With the Fall singer, William DuVall, to be their new vocalist, which DuVall describes as a big thing for him. "I've joined a group that has a strong identity and a strong legacy." Alice In Chains released their last album, which was self-titled, in 1995. Staley passed away in 2002 from a drug overdose.

The band went on hiatus for a while, only to come back together in 2005 after playing a series of benefit shows with guest singers. But they are promising that this new album won't be a disappointment. On their Website they said, “I can tell you that some amazing songs were written and recorded. From the heaviest riff-dripping gut puncher to the most sadly beautiful song I think this band has ever recorded, I honestly believe that this album will return Alice In Chains to the top of the hard rock heap."

Interesting side note, Aa (Big A, little a)'s John Atkinson is a big Alice in Chains fan.

Alice In Chains Set to Release New Record In September?