It Begins: February On The Cover Picks Screaming Females Get Noticed By Jim DeRogatis

It's always nice to see a really cool bands we love getting national attention, and this week our friends Screaming Females caught the attention of The Chicago Sun Times editor Jim DeRogatis.

You can read the interview and story in its entirety here. We've cut out one of our favorite parts below, where Marissa Paternoster waxes on the idea of "women in rock."

...Paternoster demands the spotlight as an awesome front woman whose rampaging guitar and banshee wail pack more punch than a North Korean nuke. And, well, the band's name does sort of put her front and center.

"People ask me that ['women in rock'] question and I hate it because I like to think of Screaming Females as a band," Paternoster says somewhat defensively and without me really asking the question. "It's not about me and it's not about any of us individually, and I really don't think being a girl in a band is that weird because I grew up listening to bands that were pretty much all fronted by women.

"It's kind of annoying when people go, 'Hey, you're a girl!' It's just, 'Yeah, is there something wrong with that?'"

"I would say that the name is kind of a 'No duh,'" Dougherty adds. "It's not like we're implying that each one of us is a screaming female; I usually think of it as more of an idea or concept to put in people's heads. It actually took a long time for us to pick a name: It came down to the wire where we had our first show coming up and we needed to put something on a flyer. It was the first thing that we came up with where one of us didn't have a drastically horrible reaction to it, but I think it had different connotations to each of us. It can be ambiguous while still inspiring a very particular image."

Still not as good as the "women in rock" quote from our On The Cover feature: “If I saw me, I’d say ‘Look at that lesbian shredding!’ But you know, I would automatically assume that any girl that shreds is a lesbian. I’m going to assume that Marnie Stern is a lesbian, and who else plays guitar? Yeah, they’re all lesbians.”

It Begins: February On The Cover Picks Screaming Females Get Noticed By Jim DeRogatis