Woodhands - "I Kissed a Girl" (Katy Perry Cover)

So yesterday our editor ashamedly had "I Kissed A Girl" stuck in his head because of some bad timing at the deli when he was getting lunch. Thankfully, there is no need for him to hang his head in shame any longer. We're all victims of the catchy melody behind Katy Perry's guilty pleasure hit, so it makes sense that Canadian 'indietronic' band, Woodhands would cover the infectious song -- and they did a pretty good job of it at that.

Covering an over-played pop song isn't rocket science, but we'd like to think that Woodhands added a special twist to "I Kissed a Girl" that makes the song just that much cooler than the original. Perhaps it's the growling chorus that gives it a one up to Perry's nasal whimpers, or maybe it is just that the Woodhands' version makes you want to break it down instead of having an experimental game of girl-on-girl cherry chapstick action. So, why did Woodhands pick "I Kissed a Girl"? Probably because the song is just too good to deny it, and as Dan Werb, Woodhands' keytar/electronic scientist, told us, "We did it because the spirit of the song spoke to us: It's that feeling of being overwhelmed by the moment, of indulgence, of unfettered hedonism. Also, Katy Perry is hella hot. And the song is dope."

Aside from their "I Kissed a Girl" cover, Woodhands have released an album and two EPs and are signed to Paper Bag Records, so don't worry. Your indie credibility won't be tainted by adding this track to your music library, or at least you can pretend it won't for the time being.

Woodhands - "I Kissed a Girl" (Katy Perry Cover)

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Woodhands tour dates
05.07.09 - Kansas City, MO (Czar Bar)
05.08.09 - Springfield, MO (Outland)
05.09.09 - St. Louis, MO (Pops Blue Moon)
05.10.09 - Des Moines, IA (House of Bricks)
05.12.09 - Indianapolis, IA (The Volrath)
05.13.09 - Chicago, IL (Abbey Pub)
05.15.09 - Columbus, OH (Bristol Bar)
05.16.09 - New York, NY (The Delancey)

Woodhands - "I Kissed a Girl" (Katy Perry Cover)