Don't Heckle The Musicians - Kills Singer Jamie Hince Assaults Fan

If you were lucky enough to see The Kills last night at Music Hall of Williamsburg, you might have also been lucky enough to see singer/guitarist Jamie Hince start in impromptu fight club with a fan who'd spent too much time in the sauce.

Sadly, we didn't witness the event, but the folks over at self-titled definitely did. In fact, their associate editor Aaron Richter was within spitting distance -- or should we say punching distance? -- from the whole thing.

You can read Richter's full account of the incident here, but here's the quick and dirty recap. Fan gets drunk. Fan taunts Jamie Hince from the crowd, throwing up the two-fingered British bird. Jamie calls fan up to the stage. Fan gets on stage, runs amock and gets taught a little lesson by Jamie -- punched or pushed, we're not sure. No word on Jamie being in the slammer or facing charges as of yet, although there is reasonable concern for both.

Here's a bit from self-titled's Aaron Richter:

It all happened so fast, so I’m not 100-percent sure Jamie actually threw a punch or if he just pushed him. But I remember the guy getting knocked the fuck out and hurtled off the stage by Jamie—basically tossed over my shoulder. Dude was crumpled in a heap on the floor, and I thought he was dead for a brief second. Security came to escort the guy out, and Jamie and Alison launched into an insane cover of Captain Beefheart’s “Dropout Boogie.” My hands were shaking. How I didn’t manage to get any photos of it, I have no idea. But that’s some real rock ‘n’ roll shit. I’m sure Jamie’s in jail right now. I mean, how can he not be?

Don't Heckle The Musicians - Kills Singer Jamie Hince Assaults Fan