Mastodon In Talks To Make Crack The Skye Into A Feature Film

Metal fans are blowing their proverbial load today as Mastodon drummer/lyricist Brann Dailor (formerly of the possibly even more awesome Lethargy) announced that the band's recently released concept album Crack The Skye could be on its way to Hollywood -- the band has apparently written a screenplay with a director who shall remain nameless and had interest from three others in creating the film adaptation.

Dailor told, "That'd be killer if it actually happens. That's something that's cool about making concept records, that opportunity for more to be done, artistically."

If it's made, the film would be pretty trippy since the plotline of the album involves space travel, aliens, worm holes, czarist Russia and that dude Rasputin. Fittingly, "I think it's definitely the closest we've come to a fully cohesive story from start to finish," Dailor told Billboard.

As with anything these days, whether or not the project gets off the ground is all about the Benjamins.

"It all comes down to money," Dailor acknowledges. "We don't want to half-ass it; we want to make it real and...awesome. But we're in a time period where labels are doing significantly less, moneywise, or trying to cut back, and making movies isn't exactly cutting corners. It's hard for an A&R guy to go to whoever writes the checks and be like, 'Yeah, this band that sells 150,000 records wants to make a million-dollar movie...' But we're not ruling it out yet."

And it may not be a feature film, but this week you can grab the video for the Mastodon track "Divinations" from Crack The Skye for free on iTunes. The video was named "iTunes Video of the Week" for May 5 - May 11.

Mastodon In Talks To Make Crack The Skye Into A Feature Film