Burial + Four Tet - "Moth/Wolf Cub"

If you were lucky enough to nab a reserved copy of the split 12" by Burial and Four Tet in the nanosecond it was available before it sold out, then it should be in the mail because they shipped out early this week. If you're like us, you can take solace in the fact it may not be wax, but you can press play on it right here.

We know pretty much nothing about it (check out the cover above), but it does look like more copies are now available for order. What we do know is that you can check out Burial's "Moth" and Four Tet's "Wolf Cub" right here, right now, no pre-order necessary. And if you're still trying to figure out who Burial is, here's some food for thought: Maybe Four Tet is Burial. Think about it.

Burial - "Moth"

Four Tet - "Wolf Cub"

Burial + Four Tet - "Moth/Wolf Cub"