The Tripwire Crossword 002 - Second Time's A Charm

[The Tripwire Crossword Puzzle 002 written by Derek Evers and JENZ]

The second Tripwire crossword puzzle takes a look at bands whose primary members came from other popular bands. Whether they sprung from the ashes of a group that broke up or are merely a side project, all of the answers in this week's puzzle are the culmination of such unions. And you guessed it, the clues are the bands they came from. This time there's no excuses about the difficulty of the puzzle, it's time to find out if you know your favorite band's origins.

Couple small things to note about this weeks puzzle; as per your comments, we made it so you no longer have to scroll in order to read the clues. To switch between the "across" and "down" clues, just click the coinciding location on the puzzle. Secondly, we know that some of the bands in the clues have spawned multiple side projects, but only one will fit. Please don't fill our comment box telling us The Strokes have more than one possible answer.

And of course this is not a perfected science, so we would like you to fill our comment box with your thoughts. Please let us know what topics we should try to conquer in subsequent puzzles and if we use your idea, we will credit you and maybe even include your name within that week's crossword. Good luck!

The Tripwire Crossword 002 - Second Time's A Charm