New Music Thursday - Best Hits

[Photo by Nate Dorr]

Have you ever wondered what would happen if High Places and Dan Deacon had a love child? Aside from the hotly disturbing picture this thought paints (no offense to anyone), it would probably sound something like Best Hits.

We first heard Best Hits at a show on April at New York's Cake Shop where they played alongside fellow freak, dance-electronic outfit dANA. A three-piece (two guys, one girl), Best Hits take the calypso-meets-jungle aesthetic of High Places and adds the increasingly popular 8-bit acid house glitch to create something that is equally at home in both the noise/avant continuum and a straight up glo-stick waving dance party.

After catching their incredibly fun set at Cake Shop, we approached them and asked for recorded material. Later that week we were hit up with an e-mail letting us know they recorded the entire set and made it available for download. So here is their entire set from that night with track listing below. And if you like what you hear, you can download the entire set here, or go to their MySpace to hear more.

Best Hits live April 10 @ Cake Shop | NYC

Best Hits April 10 set list @ Cake Shop | NYC
1. Queen Reade
2. Hot Water
3. Finally
4. Cheriol
5. Tons of Eyes
6. Like Dat
7. Secret Miami

New Music Thursday - Best Hits