Pete Doherty Takes Aim At Oasis To Make Babyshambles Britain's Best


Maybe because he hadn’t gotten into a fist fight in a while, and it just seemed like the right thing to do, Pete Doherty has decided that Babyshambles needs to make a “comeback album” to show Oasis what’s up and take their place as Britain’s top band.

Doherty told that he was impressed by Oasis’ most recent album, Dig Out Your Soul — so impressed that he wants to one-up it and make an even better LP.

“With Oasis stepping up a gear and proving they’ve still got it, they need to be shown there are people out there who can surpass them,” Doherty said. “Can we match them? The quality is good [in Oasis], but there really is no competition because my band is the greatest in the world and we’re going to prove it.”

Of course, then when the chips were really on the table Doherty wasn’t so sure any more. NME asked him when we should all pencil in to our calendars to run out and buy this new album, and he seemed unsure. “It’s record company politics, ” he said. “Please, let it happen as soon as possible.”

Please, for all of us. Please.

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