Shontelle Gets A Leg-Up With Veet

Photo by AP

Fellas, consider yourself lucky. When a woman passes up a chance to hit the club in that freak'um dress just to cuddle up in one of your forgotten T-shirts (that she kept for moments like these), you'll have SRC/Universal's singer/songwriter Shontelle to thank for the trouble. On "T-Shirt," the lead single from last year's Shontelligence, the Bajan bombshell gave ladies an anthem for breakup woes, that doesn't involve keying your car.

The single earned Shontelle an endorsement with Tide, during last fall's fashion week, plus became one of iTunes' best pop songs of 2008. Just last night, Veet (the creme-de-la-creme of she-she shaving creams) sponsored Shontelle's performance at New York's M2 Ultra Lounge. It was a night of watching women beautify themselves, and not at the expense of men. Shontelle wasn't mad either, doling out advice for the fellas, plus her thoughts on her title for nicest legs in the music industry.

Interview by Richard "Treats" Dryden

So, Shontelle, what's new?

What's new is, my debut album Shontelligence. It's pretty much out everywhere now. "T-Shirt," the first single did really well—totally blew up. Thanks to that, here I am on a second single which is "Stuck With Each Other" featuring Akon. The song totally wasn't meant to be a single!

Isn't he your dream boat?

Yeah! It's so weird because we just did that song for the Confessions of a Shopaholic soundtrack. That was a slam dunk for me because it was Akon, Diane Warren, and Rodney Jerkins all in one song. I wanted to work with all those people. Radio picked it up, and now it's really really huge.

Congrats! What's next?

I'm heading to the U.K. on Friday. I have that big BBC summer show. It's going to be cool because Ne-Yo's on it, Akon's, Lily Allen, even Lionel Richie's on it. It's a huge, weekend-long lineup.

Doing the Confessions of a Shopaholic soundtrack must have been a good look for you with all the endorsements you've been getting lately.

Oh my gosh, it's been really really cool because I'm like, "How is this that I'm actually getting to be associated with stuff like this right now?"

Yeah, how are all these brands hitting you up?

I don't know. Maybe they just realize when people are genuine. They're like, "Yeah this girl really does like our product."

Well, it shows.

[laughs] I do have the longest legs on the planet. I think I have the largest leg to the rest of the body ratio possible...for a human. So I dunno, maybe Veet noticed that, and was like, "Hey let's work together."

Partnering with companies like these, has it made you more brand conscious? Or were you always heavy into beauty products?

It has made me a lot more brand conscious. I'm aware and familiar with so many brands that I didn't know existed before. But I was always products girl, sort of. I'm more into make-up now more than anything. It's always been very important for me to have nice skin, not get zits, not breakout, and look presentable.

What's in your utility belt?

You gotta have the facial washes, and anything to do with moisture. That's the number one thing, moisture, moisture, moisture. Lip gloss, a pair of sunglasses, is all you need.

Is this something guys should take notes on?

Maybe lip balm. That'll keep your lips looking nice, and [smacks lips] kissable. [laughs]

Got you. I noticed body art and spray painting going on outside for the Veet event. What's the nicest thing a guy made for you? Either from scratch or something they designed.

Guys never make anything for me from scratch.

Not even dinner?

Actually, guys have cooked for me before. That is probably the closest. I've have some pretty good meals. Unless your guy is like a carpenter or something, that's probably the closest he's going to get to making you something.

You've never come across someone who's gonna widdle something nice for you with a nice knife?

[laughs] No. I've had some really nice dinner experiences with guys cooking for me. My dad's a really good cook.

Really? So they have to measure up to your dad?

My dad is really good at it. Guys can't lie to me and say that guys don't cook; that it's not a thing that guys do.

Ok. Other than that, are you songwriting for anyone lately?

Yeah, I might as well be in a factory. There are a number of artists I've written a bunch of songs. Right now I'm working with Jonas Jeberg. A lot of people would know him for songs like "I Hate This Part" by the Pussycat Dolls. He's been making really great music recently. So we have ideas for a lot of songs, for really big artists, it's just a matter of getting everything confirmed.

Good for you. You have a big '09 ahead of you.

I definitely see a big '09 ahead. And I'm gonna work for it.

Shontelle Gets A Leg-Up With Veet