Shooting Cancels Santigold, King Khan Concert


A 20 year old Wesleyan college student was shot and killed at the Middletown, CT bookstore she worked at yesterday, prompting the cancellation of the school's Spring Fling concert that was to be headlined by Santigold.

Johanna Justin-Jinich, from Fort Collins, CO, was killed inside Broad Street Books, officials said. Police were searching for a suspect last night, but would not confirm reports that an ex-boyfriend of the victim was suspected. The Wesleyan junior was gunned down by a shooter wearing a wig. The liberal arts college was on lockdown for several hours after the murder and canceled yesterday’s Spring Fling concert, which was also to include King Khan and The Shrines and Clipse.

According to the Wesleyan website, there is no reason to believe that the perpetrator of the shooting is on the Wesleyan campus and students are encouraged to return to their daily activities. Students had already gathered on Foss Hill to await the beginning of the concert when the shooting occurred, prompting Public Safety officers to demand that students vacate the area and remain indoors.

“They know who it is, just a matter of locating him,” a source told the Middletown Press.

Shooting Cancels Santigold, King Khan Concert