Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk To Drop Four Cassettes, Two 7-Inches And Tour This Month

[Photo by Keith McArthur]

Way back in November of last year we profiled one of the hardest working diy collectives in the Midwest, Lawrence Kansas' Chomp Womp. This past weekend, one of the main artists behind CW -- Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk -- e-mailed us to give an update of their summer plans, and man are they busy.

Until we actually get the new music in hand, we'll leave you with the BBDDM song "Fort Pork Chop" and their summer plans in their words. Notice the lack of days off in their tour schedule.

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk - "Fort Pork Chop"

We're getting ready to set off on a West Coast Tour and are also gearing up to release 4 Cassette Tapes and two 7 inches in the upcoming month.

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk tour dates
05.15.09 - Lawrence, KS (The Replay)
05.16.09 - Denver, CO (Rhinoceroplis)
05.17.09 - Salt Lake City, UT (Loft Show)
05.18.09 - Boise, ID (Grandma's House)
05.19.09 - Spokane, WA (Cretin Hop)
05.20.09 - Portland, OR (The Salad House)
05.21.09 - Tacoma, WA (The Den)
05.22.09 - Seattle, WA (Healthy Times Fun Club)
05.23.09 - Davis, CA (House Show)
05.24.09 - West Covina, CA (Ports o Call Bedroom)
05.25.09 - Los Angeles, CA (Pehrspace)
05.26.09 - Los Angeles, CA (The Smell)
05.27.09 - Irvine, CA (Acrobatics Everyday)
05.22.09 - Phoenix, AZ (Trunk Space)
05.22.09 - Albuqerque, NM (Winning Coffee Co.)
05.22.09 - Wichita, KS (Blank Page)
06.01.09 - Lawrence, KS (8th Street Taproom)
06.02.09 - Lincoln, NE (Box Awesome)
06.02.09 - Omaha, NE (House Show)
06.03.09 - Boone, IA (Elephungeon)
06.04.09 - Minneapolis (The Medusa)
06.05.09 - Madison, WI (Good Style Shop, early)
06.05.09 - Milwaukee, WI (Cory's House, late)
06.06.09 - Milwaukee, WI (TBD, late)
06.06.09 - Chicago (Permanent Records, early)
06.06.09 - Chicago (TBD, late)
06.07.09 - Chicago, IL (Golden Age, early)
06.07.09 - Carbondale, IL (The Swamp, late)
06.08.09 - Columbia, MO (TBD)
06.09.09 - Kansas City, MO (TBD)
06.30.09 - Kansas City, MO (The Pistol)

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk To Drop Four Cassettes, Two 7-Inches And Tour This Month