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Kanye West f. Mos Def & Freeway, "Two Words" (Unreleased)

Kanye West's first album The College Dropout was full of potential singles, and videos, and therein ego boosters, but back before the glow of his Rocafella chain faded, he teamed up with directors Coodie & Chike to film a clip for "Two Words," featuring Mos Def and Freeway. The video, which is a mix of stock footage and clips of the artists in their respective home cities flows like the opening credits of a tv show, listing everyone from the directors to West's late mother to Michael Jordan, which in actuality, is why the video never made it to TV. Yeezy refused to remove the titles and says about the video, "even only 3 videos in the game.... I refused to compromise my vision". Two words: "Thank you."

Kanye West f. Mos Def & Freeway, "Two Words" (Unreleased)