Download Prefuse 73's 2003 Tour Mix

Prefuse 73’s Scott Herren has posted a sweet treat for all of us freeloadin’ and downloadin’ folks via the band’s blog. A mix of over 30 songs, produced and compiled from Prefuse’s 2003 tour, are now available to right-click and save. The one-of-a-kind artwork that accompanied the mix CDs, however, are not available for download.

Says Herren:

“I did O.G. artwork for each one with acetate, pencil and marker. This drove my entire touring party insane because I was working on them all day in the back of the tour bus. My friends were coming up with various ways to kill me.”

Herren also mentions that he and John Herndon from Tortoise also made some “SICK” hand-stitched covers together. How cute and very domestic. Do you think they used a BeDazzler?

Click the MediaFire link under the artwork listed here.

Download Prefuse 73's 2003 Tour Mix