Freeload: Fam-Lay f. Pharrell, “Get That Work Up”

It would be truly ironic if FADER favorite Fam-Lay finally got an album out because Pharrell squeezed a rocked up version of an old song into Fast & Furious. It seems like it would’ve been a lot easier to just listen to us when we told you he was a killer two years ago, Record Industry. Then again, what are we talking about? This song was sent to us in an email that seemingly is promoting Fam-Lay’s Twitter and blog and not much else. Which is fine because that’s where we found this clip of his new web series “Boots & Wigs,” in which he will apparently dance around in women’s bathrooms and pose next to women’s boots. The man is a good idea factory! Somebody pay him for it.

Download: Fam-Lay f. Pharrell, “Get That Work Up” (via Showtime)

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