Freeload: Mr Hudson f. Kanye West, “Supernova”

You knew when Kanye started talking about Mr Hudson being bigger than him someday that it would actually be due to Kanye making it so. Kanye is apparently going for Chris Martin’s jugular with this one, and we are honestly surprised at how jamming it is. Maybe not surprised so much as like, HEY COOL GUYS WE ACTUALLY LISTENED TO THE SHIT OUT OF VIVA LA VIDA WHEN YOU WEREN’T AROUND. Only now somehow it will be okay to like this, as long as these fools don’t start wearing Civil War uniforms designed by John Paul Gaultier.

Download: Mr Hudson f. Kanye West, “Supernova”

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  1. Jade says:

    the songs fantastic!

  2. rgegtr says:

    kanye rulez, ok?

  3. FritzistheISH says:

    This song is so insanely catchy, I can’t believe it. Could listen to it all day!

  4. pouchgirl14 says:

    omg i just heard this song yesterday and i am obsessed!!! its so awesome!!!

  5. InnocentDemonxxx says:

    Wow This Song Is Amazingly Awesome :)

  6. Sinafik says:

    Love this song to death…good job Kanye