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Listen To Telepathe And Effi Briest Cover Each Other


It was less a month ago today we went bowling with Telepathe to celebrate the release of Dance Mother. And waaaayyyy back in another life our editor was giving Effi Briest cover props. So when we caught wind of their extremely limited split, cover 7-inch, we wanted to pass it on.

Covering each other's songs for a limited edition 7-inch on Skinny Wolves, it's quite interesting to hear the juxtaposition of styles. Telepathe could've gone back to their more avant roots when taking on Effie Briest's psych-powered "Mirror Rim", but instead they flip it on it's head, even dropping in a few beats for good measure. Meanwhile, Effie Briest takes on the jam "Chrome's On It" and, as expected, rings it through a haze of bong smoke (we're just assuming here people). This slab o' wax comes highly recommended for consumption, and even better, you can listen to both tracks in their entirety here. [via FADER]

Listen To Telepathe And Effi Briest Cover Each Other