Celebrating 4/20 With Trash Talk


When we found out Trash Talk was playing New York on 4/20 and that guitarist Garrett Stevenson is a certified card carrying member of the medical marijuana club, well, we just had to celebrate the holiday in style.

And by style, we mean hanging out in a friend's apartment because it was pouring rain outside. But really, when you have good friends and good video games, is there anything more you need to celebrate 4/20?

This video is being shown for the first time nearly a month later because there was some heavy, heavy editing involved, but we made sure to leave in only the most integral conversation points. From their beef with Trap Them, to breaking the edge with MC Hammer, it was amazing to spend our April 20, 2009 with one of the premiere up-and-coming hardcore bands.

Celebrating 4/20 With Trash Talk