New Music Thursday - Grooms (Formerly Known As Muggabears)

[Photo by Angela Hodgkinson]

We got an e-mail this past week from one of our favorite Brooklyn bands who used to go by the name of Muggabears, maybe you've heard of them? If you have, forget it, because they're now called The Muslims. No seriously, as awesome as that would be, they're actually now called Grooms, and they have a new record they want you to hear.

The band formerly known as Muggabears have been floating around the Brooklyn scene for the past 5 years, but given the name change, we're calling them new. And while we could fill you in on the details of their new album, we'll let the Grooms' very own Emily Ambruso fill you in.

We just finished up mastering a full-length record and I wanted to send it to you guys. The album is 10 songs and called Rejoicer. We recorded at Civil Defense studio and mixed at Rare Book Room. We're really happy with it!

Well Emily, so are we, and because of that, we're posting the first song from Rejoicer -- "Dreamsucker" -- so everyone else can hear it too.

Grooms - "Dreamsucker"

New Music Thursday - Grooms (Formerly Known As Muggabears)