Sunny Day Real Estate To Reunite At Bumbershoot?

Haven't we been down this road before? Seems like every time Jeremy Enigk puts out a new record, the rumors start flying about a Sunny Day reunion. So with his new record -- OK Bear -- out this week (and lead single -- "Life's Too Short" -- which we posted last week), it's time to start the rumors yet again.

This time it seems as though the mongering has been started by none other than Seattle's highly respected KEXP, with some very specific details (sort of). According to Reverb, venerable DJ Cheryl Waters mentioned the rumor earlier this week, stating that a reunion was likely by the end of the year. Only to be followed by KEXP DJ Marco Collins -- who also organized Enigk's private preview show this past Monday -- twitted the simple phrase:

"Sunny Day Real Estate @ Bumbershoot? Fact or fiction?"

Considering the source, you have to believe there have at least been talks between Enigk and KEXP, and the Seattle festival seems like a very logical place considering it is home to both the band and the station.

So emo kids (I guess they would be emo adults now), start holding your breath and we'll update you as soon as we get word.

Sunny Day Real Estate To Reunite At Bumbershoot?