Maximo Park Robbed Of Joe Strummer Guitar, Reward For Return


What is with thugs right now stealing shit from rock stars? First news of Pearl Jam’s bass player being assaulted, and now Maximo Park guitarist Duncan Lloyd is also reporting that a treasured guitar has been stolen.

The Newcastle boys are currently at the start of a sold-out UK tour as well as are celebrating the release of new full length Quicken The Heart, which is now bittersweet considering the instrument theft. The guitar, a 1979 brown and gold Gretsch Country Gent purchased from 80s pop band Belle Stars, was also previously was played by The Clash’s Joe Strummer. It is currently being sought out for reunion with Maximo Park. The band promises a “significant reward” for the guitar’s safe return (a life time supply of bowler hats, maybe?). If you have any information to the whereabouts to the stolen guitar, please e-mail maximopark[at]

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