Noel Gallagher Five Songs Into Writing New Oasis Album

Noel Gallagher has been blogging on the Oasis MySpace regularly while on their recent tour to South America, which, according to the notoriously grumpy guitar player, has been so good, he's "nearly wrote five new songs on this leg alone."

Just Wednesday, Gallagher was talking about waking up late and complaining about the weather and shows;

What a mad day! I just woke up at 11:45. A.M.! That in itself is mental. I haven't slept that long since 1998 - Paris, I think it was.

It's FUCKIN' PISSING DOWN WITH RAIN and it's pitch black - maybe not black, but very, very grey.

Curitiba was great. The gig was anyway. Dunno what we're trying to prove by playing places like that, and here in Porto Alegre for that matter. Why not just do 2 big, fuck off gigs in Rio and Sao Paolo??

But Thursday saw him changing his tune, claiming that the show they ended up playing that Wednesday evening was so good, he "would have loved to have stayed and re-lived the 90s but the writing bug has gripped me. Nearly wrote 5 new songs on this leg alone! Gotta get them down while it's still happening."

He went on to say the gig was "Amazing. Amazing. Amazing." Before leaving a personal note for the people of South America.

I speak directly to you people of South America. You have been truly amazing. It's been a privilege to play for you. The memories of this little tour will live with me for a long time. Mucho gracias and obrigado.
[Via NME]

Noel Gallagher Five Songs Into Writing New Oasis Album