Eighth Grader Attempts Suicide After Marilyn Manson-Related Altercation With Teacher


An eighth grader in Louisiana attempted to commit suicide Monday morning after trying to also shoot a teacher, when an altercation arose where the staff member would not praise musician Marilyn Manson.

According to The Daily Comet [via The Daily Swarm], the eighth grader, who police say entered school grounds through a back entrance, entered seventh-grade teacher Jessica Plaisance’s class around 9 a.m. before beginning to shout swear words and that that everyone in the room move to the floor. When students in the class — who recounted the events to police — chose to stay in their seats, the eighth grader tried to get another classmate to accompany him before demanding that Plaisance say “Hail Marilyn Manson.” When the teacher did not comply, the eighth grader aimed his gun at her to fire. The first bullet misfired, while a second bullet went above Plaisance’s head into the wall. Students then recounted that the eighth grader walked out of the room, and that they heard a third gun shot, which was later confirmed to be self-inflicting. The eighth grader is now in critical condition.

Thus far, Manson — the musician also cited as a source of inspiration for 1999’s Columbine tragedy in which two Colorado high school students shot 21 people and killed 13 more — has yet to comment.

The school in Lafourche Parish, approximately 80 miles southeast of Louisiana’s capital Baton Rouge, went under lockdown for several hours before allowing parents of the students to pick up their children. The school plans to re-open today with extra police presence and the installation of metal detectors at the school entrances. Why the eighth grader chose Plaisance’s class is still unknown, but a suicide note was discovered, in which details of how he had planned to commit suicide after killing others was found. The eighth grader obtained the firearm used in the incident from his father.

Our hearts go out to the eighth grader, his family, and the community of Lafourche Parish as this incident is dealt with.

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  1. Anna-Marie Ganje says:

    So sad! It bothers me that a musician (any musician) is being “blamed” for a mentally ill person’s behavior!

  2. ray says:

    It is irresponsible reporting to say that Marilyn Manson was “cited as a source of inspiration” for the Columbine shootings. He was never cited as a source of inspiration, it was revealed that the killers were fans of certain industrial music bands, but there was never any direct influence explained by the shooters connecting their terrible act with Manson’s music. Get your facts straight!

  3. Jonathan says:

    This has little to nothing to do with Marilyn Manson.

    “Manson has yet to comment”
    Manson need not comment.
    This issue is with the student, the school and the family.
    Not Manson.

    I’m really disappointed to see this article on the tripwire.
    I’d figure you guys would know better than to frame the article as being Manson centric.

    Scroll back up.
    Is that photo even necessary?

    You should write for Fox news.

  4. Anthony says:

    From Wikipedia:

    “Following the Columbine High School massacre, there were accusations that killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were influenced by Marilyn Manson’s music. When later evidence was presented that neither Harris nor Klebold were fans of the band, many were led to criticize the media for using the band as a scapegoat instead of analyzing the underlying societal problems surrounding the incident.”


  5. jenz says:

    from the hometown’s newspaper:

    “Classmates of the gunman…said they were surprised by his actions, but noted they found his love for Marilyn Manson and knowledge of Adolf Hitler facts to be odd.”


  6. Lisa says:

    Couldn’t agree more with all these posts!! I can’t believe that I have actually come across people online with opinions that are rational laced with common sense. No song, poem, movie, or novel is responsible for the senseless, sick deeds of the mentally deranged,those looking for their 15 minutes of fame or starved for attention. Wake up parents….a song or a novel didn’t send your “poor baby” into a murderous tailspin.

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  8. Jenz says:

    the hometown paper where the shooting occurred stated that the eighth grader shot at the teacher because she did not repeat “hail marilyn manson;” additionally, classmates reported that the eighth grader’s interest in manson was significant enough to know. of course there are bigger issues at hand, and the whys and the more important questions, but definitely manson was an interest of this young boy.

  9. ray says:

    That wasn’t my point, Jenz. My point was your statement regarding the Columbine killers citing Manson “as a source of inspiration” is factually incorrect. It is misleading to represent that tragedy as being connected to Manson in any way.

  10. Mohib says:

    Manson is a such a bitch who teaches suicide, self-destruction and satanism to innocent teenagers. His music is crap, too. Listen to real music such as The Stooges ;)

  11. Jordan says:

    Okaay, wellll Marilyn Manson is the fucking best even though he took some ribs out to suck his own penis he’s tha best.
    Lmfao, no lie.

    &about that boy; that’s sad and everything but that’s not Manson fault.

    Marilyns music is good,&if its such a ‘bad influence’& its ‘sucks’ don’t listen to it.

  12. Tamara says:

    To Jordan, do your research, the rib thing was a rumor.

    Second of all, do not blame Manson for this kids sick behavior. I understand he was a fan but I am as well and he does not give me thoughts of murder/suicide.

  13. andrew says:

    You guys are all fucking idiots! He is a fucking freak! it was 100% his fault! because he puts influence on every kid that fucking listens to him! why would u listen to someone who is a total fuck up and a freak of nature!

  14. CATHERIN says:

    Interestingly, and the analogue is?

  15. Don says:

    I agree with Tamara, I am a fan of Manson and I’m not trying to murder anyone or commit suicide.
    There are many things we don’t know about this kid like what kind of home life he has. For all we know he could be abused and listening to Manson was a way of coping. Perhaps events at school combined with events at home pushed him over the edge.
    So to blame Manson is pure stupidity.