Exclusive Download - Cassettes Won't Listen "Into The Hillside"

When Jason Drake -- aka Cassettes Won't Listen -- dropped his debut Small-Time Machine last year, it was easy to see where his roots lied. Not just in his musical influences, which he displayed on a free covers EP called One Alternative, but also in his day-job doing marketing for Def Jux. That's because what preceded and followed the release of Machine was a series of well-choreographed marketing tactics. In fact, for most of 2008, we were greeted with different ways to view Drake's music. That is to say, everything but new material.

Until now. We're happy to say we've got the first single off of his upcoming LP Into The Hillside, which is set for release June 16. And with the new music comes a certain sense of bravado. While Machine drew comparisons to softer electro-pop ala Postal Service, here he brings the beats. Less shoegaze and more dance, the title track for his new LP is what Def Jux would sound like if it called the Eastern Block it's home.

But don't worry, the marketing tactics will still be present, in addition to Into The Hillside, Cassettes Won't Listen is releasing an iPhone App in conjunction with Future Audio Workshop (makers of the Deadmau5 iPhone App) that will allow users to manipulate and mix many of the songs on the record. You can also see an album preview here.

Cassettes Won't Listen - "Into The Hillside"

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Exclusive Download - Cassettes Won't Listen "Into The Hillside"