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Introducing... The Hipster Helmet


One of our favorite past times is yelling at bicyclists who don’t wear helmets (we have reason to), so perhaps the invention of this fine new head covering and maybe an endorsement from Franz Ferdinand could help that out. Seriously, couldn’t you kinda see Alex Kapranos wearing one?

Just in case you needed to accessorize with your new Pucci Moped on your way to the next Kings of Leon show, Danish company Yakkay unveiled a new line of helmets for those inclined to travel on two wheels. Designed to look like caps, fedoras, and even a Yeti-meets-mink fur masterpiece, you can purchase just the material to cover your own helmet, or a pre-made creation to don. Note the price tag before buying online, but we think the roads now can be stylish and safe with these guys. [via The L.A. Times blog]

Introducing... The Hipster Helmet