Exclusive Freeload: Rob Threezy, “The Change Up (Jokers of the Scene RMX)”

Above is a gingerbread rendition of Jokers of the Scene, taken from their MySpace, that is actually pretty accurate. They also have an archive of pics of them clowning around, wearing weird hats, beating each other with what appears to be a light sabre, hanging out with Steve Aoki, and doing other wacky junk, which makes it that much more serious that their music is so banging. This remix of Rob Threezy’s new Nightshifters release, “The Change Up”, is testament to that: they flip its essence into a deep and gothy dance song whose thoughtful synth/drum build is major enough to make you think staying out another six hours is definitely a hot idea. Actually, it is. Do it.

Download: Rob Threezy, “The Change Up (Jokers of the Scene RMX)”

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