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HEALTH Reveal Details Of Get Color


Undoubtedly one of our most anticipated releases of 2009 is the forthcoming sophomore release from HEALTH (seriously, this has been a great year for music, but anwyay...). We were already treated to the incredible single "Die Slow", and now we have the artwork and release date to keep us salivating.

On September 8 2009, HEALTH will release their second album Get Color via Lovepump United once again. Recorded in "an especially gnarly part of Lincoln Heights, L.A with Manny Nieto," the new LP is "a celebration of sound; pretty, harsh, soft and basked in a blanket of ethereal vocals." We're going to assume this means their bringing the dance ala the "Die Slow" single. We surely hope this doesn't mean the harsh, thrash-infusion won't be lost forever, but if "Die Slow" is any indication, Health have been taking cues from their partners in “Crimewave”, Crystal Castles, moving further away from their avant noise days.

Get Color track listing
01. In Heat
02. Die Slow
03. Nice Girls
04. Death+
05. Before Tigers
06. Severin
07. Eat Flesh
08. We Are Water
09. In Violet

HEALTH Reveal Details Of Get Color