Mike Patton To Collaborate With "Watchmen" Author Alan Moore

As if reuniting Faith No More wasn't enough, this is going to drive all the fan-boys crazy.

From Billboard:
He may have insisted his name did not appear on the "Watchmen" movie. But legendary comic book writer Alan Moore has been enthusiastic in his partnership with U.K. indie Lex Records on the release of a new work including an audiobook and soundtrack.

Moore has already recorded the two-hour audio book for the deluxe package of the semi-autobiographical work, which is likely too appear in early 2010.

The score that accompanies the book is being worked on by Andrew Broder of alternative act Fog and spoken word artist Adam Drucker. Brown says musicians in the frame to provide key elements of the soundtrack include Mike Patton of Faith No More and Justin Broadrick, formerly of industrial metal band Godflesh.

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Mike Patton To Collaborate With "Watchmen" Author Alan Moore