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Video: Classixx, "I'll Get You" (dir. Cobrasnake)

In late 2003, we were at a little party on the east side of Los Angeles. It was at a Vice store. We were drinking this crazy stuff called Sparks. There was mayyyyybe one fixed gear bicycle parked outside but it may have been a rusty ten speed with a forgotten lock combo. The memories are cloudy. Anyway, it was mellow. This dude wearing $4 glaucoma sunglasses and a headband walked up and asked to take a picture with his Polaroid. He seemed weird but generally pretty nice. He is now absurdly wealthy (we're assuming), uses a big digital camera and none of that other stuff really exists anymore. Life, man. Anyway, Mark the Cobrasnake, formerly Polaroid Scene, recently "directed" a "video" for LA band Classixx and it looks like things are still going well for him. And California—good shit.

Video: Classixx, "I'll Get You" (dir. Cobrasnake)